Meet Maria Colon

Maria Colon is an entrepreneur who started her business in the ecommerce space. A few months after creating her store, she realized that in order to grow her business, she needed to learn online marketing skills to reach larger audiences and be able to run campaigns and promotions.

She enrolled in multiple online courses but soon became very disappointed with the lack of results and poor delivery with the online trainings. After a lot trials and errors, she found an online group that is helping her and thousands of people worldwide to become independent entrepreneurs.

She is a mother of 2, a life enthusiasts who strongly believe in the human potential. She is dedicated to growing her business and helping others to achieve their goals by sharing her experience and knowledge.

Why To Become An Independent Entrepreneur...

To take control of my life and provide the best life experiences for myself and my kids. To inspire others to do the same by sharing and assisting with tools and resources...

We are conditioned to limit ourselves, to believe that we are not good enough. The reality is far from these imposed limitations, we are powerful beings endowed with limitless potential. Becoming independent allows you to take full control of your life, finance, and future. You don’t have to settle anymore, it is all up to you to claim your power.

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